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                                            Early, Early Horsin Around Days of Julie Johnson

Julie's first sentence was in re: to the health of this horse...  find out more!

Julie and "Sugar" - she will always love her horses, from age 2.5 years and up!  Her first sentence was

 "Mommy, Mommy - horsie cold!"  when the blanket fell off Sugar.












Julie still trying to ride old Sugar ten years later... and then, when she opened her riding stable, Sugar took part in many of the displays showing saddle parts,etc


Prior to Christmas 1976, twelve-year-old Julie spent

3 months teaching her first pony, a stubborn Shetland

named Silver, to do circus tricks and carry the family's gifts in a mini-sleigh.

And this horse below, Fair Toss, was won for her by Julie's first serious boyfriend when she was 19, at the local fair's ring toss.  Tossie is now the favourite mount (with Julie's red cowboy hat from Texas) of Julie's nephew, Sydney.  Syd has also had his first lesson on Mr. Maguire at Whispergreen Farm in Carlisle.