EQUINE CANADA AND B.H.S. CERTIFIED available at your facility or Whispergreen Farm

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for Entry, Pretraining and D-Level Pony Clubbers OR see:


for Training, Prelim, or C-Level and up Pony Clubbers

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                                                      2011-2012  Prices for  Lessons,  Clinics,  Consulting,   etc.


Julie coaching clinic in Maryland, 1996

Private Girls School with Equestrian Program



Regular Lessons and Courses:

Lesson Prices

if you`re a stable owner or instructor in need of vacation or leave, Julie is available to substitute coach or instruct at shows or your own facility for adapted, less expensive prices than those listed below.

if you're a Pony Club member, or planning a Pony Club event, prices are 20 - 40 % off, as marked below.  Prices for Testing are the Standard Tester's Fees for that area, plus mileage.

As a certified instructor through the Canadian and British systems, having studied with two of the founders and course designers for the Equine Canada coaching levels (Vicki Andrew and Cara Whitham), Julie can teach regularly or as occasional at your place or hers...

$45.00 per hour, your facility, private , 20 % off if you're a Pony Clubber

 $20.00 EACH per hour - your facility, group lesson (3 to 7 riders)  - max. 3 hours at one time, 20 % off if you're a Pony Clubber

$35.00 per hour - Julie`s  facility, private, 20 % off if you're a Pony Clubber

$20.00 EACH per hour, Julie`s  facility, group lesson, 20 % off if you're a Pony Clubber

Clinic Prices:  ( get enough riders and this is great to earn money for your own stables, facility, or charity  too - and send a press release out about this special event and gain more publicity for yourselves, as well!)

for a one-day (six  one-hour group lessons max., 3-7 riders per group of similar abilities ) and this price includes Julie`s gas to within a two-hour drive from Carlisle-Campbellville area :

$428.  (25% off if you're a Pony Club) -  plus, add an evening lecture related to the theme of your clinic  with exciting and informative video clips: $37.00 for 1.5 hours - this last (lecture) is 40 % off if you're a Pony Club

Clinic Themes may be:  Basic Dressage - Basic Grid Work and Gymnastics - Introduction to Eventing - Intermediate all-Round Riders - Equine Canada Coaching Prep - Pony Club, all levels -Special Abilities (or Challenges)-Western Trail - Poles and Barrels - Introduction to English Riding (for Western riders or other) - Introduction to Western Riding ( for English riders or other)  etc.  -

 Use your Imagination!  

Coaching Preparation Course - Julie has had 3 students achieve Equine Canada Level One Coaching through National Coaching Certification Program, as well as 4 students reach Pony Club 'A' instructor exams.  Also, 6 of her former students have been inspired to take Equine Science courses at universities and colleges around the world...

Contact her for length of personally-tailored course, cheaper if there are two or three candidates taking the course together! Become an Equine Canada, National Coaching Certified Instructor!  


BALANCE and RELAXATION - having studied with Sally Swift and various Centred Riding and Body Awareness individuals, Julie can offer you many wonderful yoga-like techniques to find your C E N T R E .

$18.00 per hour per lunge lesson in sandy round paddock at Julie`s facility

 SPECIAL ABILITIES - as a certified instructor with  North American Riding for the Handicapped (now PATH) having studied with founder Lida McGowan and her family at the original Cheff Centre in Michigan, Julie can offer private or group lessons to most physical or mental challenges.

 EMOTIONAL THERAPY - TEEN SPECIALITY: As a graduate of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association therapy program, and a former high school teacher, Julie can offer `Touchy-Feely` lessons for at-risk youth from various recommendations.

Intro. Lessons are $18.00 as above.

SAFETY AND CONFIDENCE - an award-winning inspector in 1990, Julie has developed a program to assist those whose safety regs. may not be up to code or desire, and she is also happy to slowly start someone over after a bad fall or other fright, working first from the ground with exercises learned from Special Abilities and EAGALA.  Contact for prices and more confidential advice and suggestions for a tailor-made program.


As an experienced rider and instructor  since 1984, and as a stable-owner (20 horses, 60 riders at one time) Julie can:

              * assist you in choosing your own horse for purchase

           *advise you on expanding or promoting your stable (Public Relations was a Speciality when she ran her own

facility and she appeared in or wrote over 40 news articles and appeared on national radio and television

 interview shows, and in two published tour guide books alongside Ian Millar!)

          *assist you in choosing the correct saddle (Julie also worked part time at a tack store for three years)

          *advise and assist you in running your own horse show or small event

          *act as a judge for the above

          *coach or advise you at any horse show or event, course walks prior to show jumping or cross-country rides included

                    *assist you in helping with incomes for other rural events, non-equine related (see Rural Revivals on

 Facebook for more information)






below, the end of summer 2011 volunteers and Day Camp Staff with two students after Gymkhana, Sept 1., 2011 in Carlisle, Ontario