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Travelling throughout the English-speaking world, Julie has competed and coached in wonderful scenic areas, and has most amusing stories about the likes of Captain Mark Phillips, her horse running loose on a golf course on the first day of her new job, a moose who befriended her gelding, getting lost near the top of Baudy Meg in the Highlands of Scotland and trusting her horse to find their way home...  READ ON!


 Julie on Junior, in the Rocky Mountains where they lived for four years in Montana.It was here, living in the same National Park where the exterior shots for Jack Nicholson's The Shining (as well as Hidalgo, What Dreams May Come and The River Wild) were filmed, that Junior, Black Gold's last foal and as stubborn as both of his parents, decided to get loose and run across the highly tourist-populated golf course on Julie's FIRST day of teaching in the state. Julie couldn't catch him and finally had to ask a local 'wrangler' to do so while she went off to teach.  When she returned home later that day, anxiously biting her nails, she discovered the 17.1 h.h. gelding tied to a hitching post with a lot of quarter horses half his height and hanging his head in shame.


It was also here, living and working and competing in the Rockies, that Julie bought her log cabin and had a visitation from a moose cow and her calf who befriended Junior, obviously thinking he had a head like a moose and must be a close relative! 

  In a self-adapted 1969 truck,  Julie drove him back to Ontario where they were both born in 2003, evented him for a few more years and was forced to sell him in 2006.  It was then, in 2007 that he was named Pre-Training Horse of the Year by the Ontario Horse Trials Association with Lindsey Mast as his rider. (see below)


Julie, Junior and Lindsey at the Royal Winter Fair in downtown Toronto - from one extreme (above!) to the other.  Just prior to Junior's eventing demo. to packed crowds after which he was awarded his Horse of the Year trophy.


Royal Horse an' Huff


(below), Julie and her Fjord (in back) return to the top of Baudy Meg in the Scottish Highlands (where she instructed throughout 2009,)  after a fearful dusk when she thought they might not find their way back down... this time she didn't go alone!

below, left side :  Julie and this lovely young woman from Germany worked together in Scotland to try and retrain several badly abused horses.  Katerina is one of the TRUEST examples of a HorseWhisperer that Julie has ever been proud enough to have known.