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While ALL Julie`s students have been successful and note-worthy in their own right, these are some that, for various reasons, are well-remembered or honoured.   Email or telephone Julie (contacts at bottom of page) to become one of these yourself!

  (below) Champion Tetrathlete, Mhairi Morrison competes in Scotland in 2010. Julie coached her dressage lessons and had her assist as an 'A' Pony Clubber with the C's and D's in Julie's Pony Club Clinics across the U.K.


 (below) Julie's former home-bred-and-trained horse 'Junior' competes with Lindsey Mast aboard (after Julie's course walk and warm-up coaching!)  The pair were named 2007 Ontario Horse and Rider of the Year in the Pre-Training Divisions. If you've stable colours, Julie will always wear them for you - It's GOOD LUCK as well as good promotion!


The Young, The Old and The Special...


 left,  87 year old Ruth Still from Canada, visits Scotland for one of Julie'sspecialized Safety or Confidence-Building Clinics in 2009.  Another senior student of Julie's, Colin Harris, started as a beginner and wenton, age 79 to learn to jump cross rails and small logs so that he could join his  daughter on a fox-hunt in England - senior citizen style!


right, one of Julie's therapeutic riding 'special' students at Goldcreek Farm, Ontario,  with two sidewalker volunteers.  Casey had not spoken anything but grunts his whole life...When Julie insisted after several lessons that his pony-mare wouldn't move unless Casey said 'Walk', Casey, inspired and enthusiastic for his weekly rides, shouted   "Ahhhhh  K!" Now he can do all his exercises proudly AND verbally!

 (below) 6 year old Ashlee MacDonald was Julie's first regular student after becoming a certified instructor.  She was also the youngest rider Julie has taught.  At left, she rides in a private lesson at Julie's former farm, Goldcreek, in Lanark, Ontario, and three years later she appeared in a 55 page book atop Gold Mine (Mindy) after a local win drew her national attention.


 (below)        Atop Julie's old exam horse and bomb-proof campaigner, Pal O Mine, Alyson started riding with Julie at age 10, her first three lessons at the end of Julie's lunge line learning to touch her toes. 5 years later, still riding with AND IN SOME CASES AGAINST Julie (in the Open Eventing Divisions), Alyson was named to the Junior Talent Squad by then Canadian Equestrian Federation authorities, to proceed to a free summer of clinics and a year of hopeful dreams.


 (below) Student Holly Meirs and Stellar Star barrel race at the Montana Stakes class in a demonstration by many of Julie's high school students showing various riding styles and disciplines.

Richard Clive McEvoy was so impressed with Julie's lessons given to his daughter in England that when she moved to Montana he travelled over to learn 'how the cow-pokes do it".  (Too bad he couldn't get any 'pointy-toed boots' to fit him...)  below, he rides Junior, Julie's event horse in Western tack

 (below upper left )    Natasha Brading poses with Julie and her husband after receiving her award for Ottawa Valley Pony Hunter Championship of 1992.


 (below) First-ever Goldcreek Farm student, Kirstin Scott, events her Connemara stallion at Training Level at National Capital Horse Trials. Kirstin went to her first horse show with Julie - the Middleville fair, just outside where she lived.  She has now gone to Australia and completed a Horse Business Management College Diploma there.


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